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MEGAFRONT Liquid Membrane is a waterproofing and decorative coating based on polymers acrylics dispersion of excellent quality to protect and decorate external walls and fronts. The dried film forms and elastic and waterproofing membrane, satin, with an excellent adherence and long useful life.


Usages Liquid Membrane Megafrent Megafrent

Usages Liquid Membrane Megafrent Megafrent

  • To protect and decorate external walls, front of buildings, light walls, parapets, air shafts, party walls, etc.
  • It can be applied on concrete, stucco, front brick, tiles, fiber concrete and in most of the supports of buildings.
  • It can be applied on supports which have not been painted yet or on steady paintings of good quality.


  • Excellent waterproofing
  • Highest elasticity
  • Better penetration
  • Very good strength to the elements.
  • Long useful life.
  • High covering power
  • Excellent adherence to different kind of surfaces.
  • Decorative properties
  • Easy application
  • High reflection of the radiation, which helps to keep the rooms cool in spite of high external temperatures.
  • It allows to be coloured with universal colours.


Non flammable product. Concrete materials should have a minimum cure of 28 days. If the surface has excessive porosity or fissures they should be previously fixed. If there are rests of acrylic waterproofing, they must be sandpapered before the application. Don’t use with temperatures of less than 5º C, or with relatively humidity higher than 80% or when it is going to rain.

Application Method

Application Method Liquid Membrane MegafrentThe surface to be waterproofed must be cleaned of dust, oxide, moss, etc, and dry, flat and stable. The application can be made with brush or roller. It allows to be coloured with universal colours (up to 7cc of colour per kilo of MEGAFRENT).

  • Apply at least two coats of the product without diluting, to obtain the required consume appropriate to the application (see Efficiency).
  • Allow the correct drying between each coat applied. The time of re-painting between coats is from 6 to 12 hours depending on the temperature and the relative humidity.
  • On absorbent surfaces apply previously a coat as a primer diluting MEGAFRENT with a maximum of 20% of water.
  • The total mass advisable for the waterproofing of fronts is from 0,4 to 0,6 kg/m2.


Keep the product in a covered place, fresh, dry and aired. Keep away from children and animals and heat sources.

First Aids

  • El contacto directo con los ojos, membranas mucosas y piel, puede causar leves irritaciones
  • Quitar inmediatamente la ropa contaminada
  • En caso de inhalación: Respirar aire fresco. Si se sienten molestias acudir al médico
  • Contacto con la piel: Lavar la piel contaminada con abundante agua y jabón
  • Contacto con los ojos: Lavar inmediatamente con abundante agua durante 15 minutos, manteniendo los párpados abiertos. Si se produce irritación persistente, solicitar atención médica
  • En caso de ingestión: No inducir vómitos, consultar un médico y mostrar esta hoja o la etiqueta del producto

Colours & Packing

Plastic buckets of 4kg./ 10 kg./ 20kg.

Color: White

Technical Data

Density: Approximately 1,35 kg/l.
PH: Approximately 8,5
Covering Efficiency (humid): Approximately 300 μm
Washing > 500 times (by hands with sponge and detergent.)
Water absorption: Maximum 20%
Water capillary absorption: Maximum 0,10kg/(m2.√ 24)


MEGAFLEX S.A. Argentina - Luis M. Drago 1760 (B1852lgx) Burzaco - Parque Ind. Almirante Brown, Bs. As. Argentina Tel./fax 4002-5000